17th December 2008

The 2006 (no, not a typo) LVIS Christmas Party has been organised and is now sold out - better late than never...

There will be various awards (with prizes!) and festivities aplenty - best get creative and start working on your outfits now!

12th December 2008

Not content with taking on the mtb scene domestically, John took the fight to South America. John writes:

La Ruta de los Conquistadores. It's a race from the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica to the Caribbean Coast. It's about 400km of riding including 14,000m of ascent spread over 4 days.

Highlights of the 1st day were the seriously muddy sections with short, steep slopes which were too steep to ride up and very sketchy to ride down. The soil the colour of Morph (the animated plasticine figure) so that's pretty much what I looked like at the end of the day. Misinterpreting an "unofficial" food stop for one of the 4 official one I badly misjudged my feeding and pace and bonked / dehydrated horribly in the last couple of hours and my back is really knotted up from the hammering of the flattish sections. Reaching the finish I can barely swing my leg over the bike to dismount - thank goodness for the post-stage physio service.

Day 2, supposedly the easiest of the 4 (phew), was notable for the initial climbs. Despite being Tarmac or concrete for the most part they were so steep that the slightest error meant a wheelie, slipping rear tyre or wobble, any of which meant unclipping and walking until it flattened off. It seems that Costa Ricans haven't heard of (or don't care for) hairpin bends as these routes just go straight up! I notice that some riders have plastic coated cards with the route plan on them and/or speedometers - I should have done that I suppose....

Day 3 and swapping mud tyres for something more racy has me making good progress on the climb to the volcano. I've been told that the descent is "like nothing I'll have ever seen before" which should sound ominous but after 2 days of going up some downhill has gotta be good - a change is as good as a rest right? Wrong! The ground is hard packed and stones the size of potatoes litter the trail. After the first few riders fly past me I decide I need to stop being chicken. 20 minutes and 2 punctures later and I reconsider, slowing my pace to avoid popping my last tube. Reaching the end of the stage and after the essential big feed I find I can barely keep my eyes open. I don't feel physically tired but the mental strain of 2+ hours of descending with my heart in my mouth has fried my brain.

Day 4 dawns bright and clear and the Irazu Volcano we'd climbed and descended the day before is smoking gently as we wait for the off. Despite being 7am it's baking hot on the initial gravel climb with no shade. I again make good progress up the initial climb but the first big descent is my undoing again. Two more punctures in quick succession means an enforced reduction in pace and a lonely time for the next couple of hours. Other riders fly past on the descents but I re-pass them the rest of the time. As the terrain flattens out the race turns into a time trial - which I'm good at; but in scorching heat and oppressive humidity which I'm not. After a couple of hours I catch up with an American rider who's fast enough to make it worthwhile drafting each other and we pick up 2 other riders over the next hour or two before hitting the train tracks.

But the train tracks hit back. This is probably the "signature" feature of La Ruta: tens of kilometres of bone jarring railway where you either ride on big chunks of rock between the rails or, where there's insufficient rock, the concrete sleepers beneath. It's not fast and it's not comfortable. Then there are the river crossings. Some, like Day 1, we wade across but most have bridges: steel structures with wooden sleepers across at about half metre intervals and gaps between. Those without imagination ran across; I didn't.... The final handful of km are along the beach, splashing through bathwater-warm puddles before bounding onto the beach and across the finish.

For the record, the final results say I finished 46th overall and 11th in Masters A (30-39). More importantly I saw parts of Costa Rica that most Costa Ricans never see and experienced one of the great mountain biking events. A great race and highly recommended!


22nd November 2008

Nouveau summarises a weekend of bike related activity...

In celebration and commiseration of James and Raluca's sad departure from Bristol, a weekend of bike related activities happened. Friday night, drink booze and talk about bikes in the pub.
Saturday: Exploring ride (we got pretty lost). Go to pub.
Saturday night; Drink booze and talk about bikes at James and Raluca's house.
So that by Sunday....
I pretty much needed a nice cyclocross race to sweat all the booze out. 


The venue was Conham Water Park, just down the Feeder Road, past Argos and carry on along the river. Just as you get there a sign saying "No motorbikes or guns" greets you, so you know it's gonna be civilised. Trying to make up for the last cross race I 'did', where I actually turned up 10 minutes after the start and skulked off home in a grump. I arrived in good time. With me was Tess, who'd only gone to take snaps, but the Vegas spirit moved her, and before she knew it she'd signed on and had a number pinned to the classic Vegas casino jersey. Also present were friends of the Institute Mel and Shaggy and supposed to be present were James, Raluca and their friends Dean and Sam. Dean turned up with 5 minutes to go but no bike. Somehow bike and rider were united for the start line- better than James and Raluca who managed to start after the main field had gone off. That's Vegas style! 

The course was a good one. Some easy looking but rooty corners and couple of very short sharp climbs were the obvious challenges, but it soon became apparent that the leaves were the real adversary today. I got off to an alright start, Shaggy to a better one. He was consistently a couple of corners ahead, but a couple of stops to remove leaves with the pokey stick, and the fact that he was riding his bicycle faster than me meant he steadily pulled ahead through the race. During cross races, everyone gets off to a too-fast start. You assume you'll get in to your rhythm and start picking off riders, but this never actually happens. It's just a battle to not slow down too much. Time slows down to nothing and if you're fool enough to ask a spectator how long to the end, you'll invariably be told that you've got 56 minutes of pain to go. It's best to protect yourself from this heartache and get your head down. 

I popped through the 'when will this end' barrier and rode a steady race. I was just lapped by the eventual winner (the bloke in pink who always wins), but made the better of his pink clad team-mates and came in 8th, two behind Shaggy. Tess rode an amazing first cross race and was one of the few riders to not actually fall off her bicycle. James rocked the Purple and Gold with style and big thanks to Mel for passing bottles (which made us feel very pro) and yelling encouragement. All we need is cowbells, Juliper, chips with mayo and Conham could have been claimed by Belgium. Great fun, GO VEGAS!!

Results here and pics in the gallery

6th November 2008

The 5th of November will forever be remembered for several reasons - Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot, Barack Obama's election as President of the United States and last but not least, Marcus' win at the Bristol Rollapaluza event!

Marcus took on some of the best fixie riders in the world and came out on top. Video and pics to follow but in the mean time, in the man's own words:

Beginner guide to Roller Racing:
On the count of 3 spin your legs quicker than a flymo plugged into the national grid, gurn...a lot, continue for the longest 20 seconds of your life, stop, sweat....a lot.
And that was repeated by countless riders for most of a long, hot evening in Mud Dock.

LVIS featured strongly in the qualifiers with Neil, Nouveau, Celia, Anthony and Marcus all giving it a shot but only Nouveau and Marcus making it through to the knock-out rounds. Drawn against a semi-pro road racer* Nouveau put up a brave fight but was dispatched in the first round. Marcus however scraped through to the quarter finals where he met his match in a plucky young chap from Wales. After a dead heat they were called up to race again over 250m, but they were inseparable again, the crowd were screaming for the 2nd re-race and Marcus took it by a whisker. The semi final was again very close but the power of LVIS was in the building taking Marcus through to the final to take on the fastest rider so far who had clocked a time just 2/10ths off Chris Hoy's best.

Just to make it interesting the MC doubled the race distance to 1000m for the last race of the night, so now 40s of pain stood between the boys and a brand new fixie. After the first 250m it looked like the race was over with Marcus trailing by a country mile but through 500m the legs span quicker and by 750m they were almost neck and neck. It looked like another dead heat but the big red arrow just inched ahead at the finish with Marcus taking the win. The Vegas posse went wild, Marcus collapsed on the bars before being handed a nice gold chain, hat and of course the bike, and everyone went home having had a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Who would have thought that bikes and pubs would work so well together?

The sorry end to the story is that the bike is way too small for the lanky champion so if anyone is interested in a rather nice 54cm Iron Horse Transit then get in touch with Marcus.

*I might have made this bit up


5th October 2008

LVIS sent a team of three to the recent Western Cyclocross League race at Ashton Court, Bristol. James did particularly well, finishing 6th in a strong field. Anthony finished mid pack in 24th and Jane, back for her first race in some time due to injury finished 40th.

The full story is here, along with a nice pic of James in full flight.

Further rounds of the league are listed here




29th September 2008

LVIS took on the Cheddar Bikefest and won!

11 intrepid LVIS members raced at the Cheddar Bikefest in unseasonably dry, mild weather. The course was pretty straight forward - ride up a big steep hill and then plummet down the other side as fast as you dare.

LVIS riders lead the way early on with LVIS Finest Pair (Andy B and Nick) settling into second place early on, chasing down the Kona Torq team. John, riding solo was in second place early on before a series of mechanical mishaps (two punctures and a broken chain) dropped him down to third place. The Finest Pair kept the pressure on and around 7 hours into the 10 hour event, the Kona Torq riders were broken and the Finest Pair took over the lead, never to look back, eventually winning by 8 minutes. John kept the hammer down after his early problems but unfortunately couldn't make up the time lost and finished in third place - still a brilliant effort for his first mtb enduro.

The LVIS Gold 4-man team (Andy A, Andy W, Ant, Fraser) got a great start and early on were well in the lead. Unfortunately it turned out that this due to some confusion at the start resulting in them having two riders out on the course at the same time. Despite the duplicate laps eventually being written off, they quickly settled into ninth place and refused to move up or down, being rewarded for their consistency, finishing in ninth.

Mike, riding solo had a good day, riding strongly throughout the event to finish a very solid 15th place while Andy L, taking LVIS style to the extreme finished in last place but probably in first place if prizes for enjoying riding solo had been handed out.

Finally, the LVIS Penultimates failed in their mission, simply unable to lose enough time to finish in second to last place, despite several in depth tactical discussions. Eventually they were caught out by the lack of pace of their opposition. Lessons learnt, they will undoubtedly do better (worse!) next time. The Penultimates did however get the honour of having the very last rider to finish when Dylan timed it perfectly to finish one second outside the time limit.

In addition, LVIS won the prize for best BBQ with Fraser providing a BBQ that was so big, it could be seem from miles around. The between lap energy burgers went down a treat too.

Pics in the gallery and results here


24th September 2008

LVIS teams will be taking on the Cheddar Bikefest this weekend. The race is 10 hours around a hilly course near the home of fine cheese with the last few laps taking place as darkness descends.

LVIS Gold: Andy A, Andy W, Ant, Fraser
LVIS Penultimates: Dylan, Jimmy, Scott, Steve
LVIS Finest Pair: Andy B, Nick
Soloists: Andy L, Mike, John

The forecast is looking good so all LVIS members are welcome if they just fancy a relaxed day out. The BBQ will be fired up and providing Vegas-style energy food all the way through.

16th September 2008

On a pleasant September morning 4 members of LVIS pulled on their trainers and took to the streets of Bristol for the annual Bristol Half Marathon.

No doubt spurred on by their rather fetching new LVIS running vests Marcus and Jo put in very strong runs finishing in 1hr20 and 1hr36. Without the power of the purple and gold Dan came in next in a time of 1hr45.

The prize for shiniest shoes and least training goes to Andy W who had decided he'd run and bought his trainers on the day before the race. Taking the opportunity to enjoy the sights of the city he finished in somewhere approaching 3 hours but with a smile on his face and a vow to return next year with slightly more preparation.

Marcus: 96th in 1:20,  Jo: 970th in 1:36, Dan W: 2288th in 1:45, Andy W: 3:ish


30th July 2008

Andy L and James H raced at the Bontrager Twentyfour12 this weekend, both in the 12 hour solo category. Andy tells the story:

So after a personally disappointing season racing on the road, last weekend I returned to my core strength – mountain bike enduros. I’ve competed in any number of 12 and 24hr events as a team member, but the time was now to turn the screw a little and go solo. 

I duly picked up a 12 hour solo entry to this years Bontrager twentyfour12 and nipped off to Newnham Park near Plymouth to see what this years course would be like. Keith and friends always lay out a challenging course, but the difference between the 2007 and the 2008 event could not have been more marked. Short stabby climbs and torrential rain were replaced with long dusty trails winding through sweet smelling pine forest, crisp hardpack and utterly utterly gorgeous weather.

Even better than the glorious warm sunshine, cooling breeze and babbling brook just meters from my tent flap however, was the single track and the descents on course. Oh my, as a soloist it was really difficult to pace yourself when the whole course begged to be ridden flat out. Wide drifty lightly bermed corners flowed into bombholes, cheeky drops and flat out warp speed descending. A wheel swallowing picturesque river crossing provided almost guaranteed total first lap refreshment and more sweet single track followed all the way back to the campsite.

I did manage to pace myself well however, only running out of steam on my last lap, 15
th place and 12 sweet laps will do me fine for my first solo effort. Big thanks go to the boys from mlehworld.com for providing quality banter, charred sausages and encouragement through a haze of fine real ale all weekend.

Looking forward to the 24 hour solo effort next year all ready.

Results here and pics here: pic1  pic2  pic3  pic4

28th July 2008

The Cotswold Cycle Race League has now finished for 2008 with LVIS/PerformanceCycles.co.uk having a strong presence at all the rounds, finishing second overall in the team competition and third (Marcus E), fifth (Phil), eighth (Marcus M) and tenth (Andy W) in the individual competition. As ever, LVIS made its mark, getting mention in the local press.

Pics and all the results are available at the race series website.



The Purple Train in action

14th July 2008

LVIS races at Henley!

On the last Sunday morning of June, the water at Henley was at long last graced by the sight of purple and gold racing over the famous regatta course. However the plucky Vegas squad were not racing on but in the Thames for the 5th annual Henley swim.

The conditions were perfect with no wind, warm water (18 degrees), only a slight stream to swim against and as the sun rose over Temple Island the 87 competitors fought it out over the 2112m course.

With the winning swimmer finishing in 29:30 and the likes of Karen Pickering (GB Olympic squad) racing it was a high class field but all the LVIS competitors fared well with Gus putting in a big push past the grand stands to be first Vegas swimmer home.

Results were:

28th Gus: 39:17
34th Kirsty: 41:00
44th Crissy: 42:28
53rd Marcus: 45:50
77th Neil: 57:01

The purple and gold Speedos are already on order for next year!

Pics in the gallery.

26th June 2008

LVIS in the press again: A couple of links to articles about the Bristol Bikefest in which LVIS was so successful - we've managed to get LVIS jerseys in the majority of the pictures



26th June 2008

Stu, Marcus and Neil recently staked their athletic reputations by attempting to complete reputedly the UK's toughest triathlon, the Wimbleball 70.3 Half-Ironman. The LVIS guys over the last few months have  been quietly learning to swim rather than sink, cycle harder than ever and put in some running after all of that. The results showed that all that training paid off. On early Sunday morning the guys rubbered up and slipped into the misty lake at Wimbleball in Exmoor to swim 1.4 miles with about 1000 others in a mass start and then onto the bikes where the competition really began. Stu was out of the lake first but then Marcus caught and passed him followed later by Neil who was determined to make the most of his strongest discipline. The bike involved 56 miles on Exmoor's toughest hills but whilst many of the triathletes suffered it was all too easy for the LVIS boys used to much tougher challenges on the bike. However the run caught them all by surprise, 13.2 miles of off road hilly running ensuring that no pb's would be broken. Marcus managed to head off the challenge by Stu to finish a superb 109th in 5 hours 36.33, Stu caught Neil in the run finishing in the top 250 (237th) in 5:59:30 and Neil, having overcooked the cycle and dying on the last loop of the run finished in a still credible 370th place in 6:19.26.

The LVIS guys are now determined to be crowned as full Ironmen and plan to do the Ironman Austria in July next year. Anyone interested in joining them?

Pics in the gallery

25th June 2008

A Quick update on last night - LVIS fielded another team of four riders (Andy K / Andy W / Marcus M / Marcus E) in a flat and pretty fast race in the Cotswold Cycle Race League. Andy K went in the front group, leaving the other three in the middle group. The front group somehow managed to stay away till two laps to go, and after not realising they were on a prime lap (and therefore missing the first one!!) Andy K made sure of the second and won the sprint for that.

The middle and scratch groups all caught up with the front group for two fast final laps, with everyone crossing the line safely in the main bunch - although sadly no points were scored as the finish line judges didn't get all the positions.

The next race is next Tuesday (1st July) at Winchcombe - and it'll be finishing on a climb, so it'll be great for some of the climbers out there.

19th June 2008

Round 3 of the Cotswold Cycle Race League was a big success for the LVIS/PerformanceCycles.co.uk road team. Andy K tells the story:

Phil (I might not make it) M was talking up an early break and boy did he follow through!! With the four of us in the first group (Andy K / Andy W / Marcus E and Phil) we had a nice ride through the neutralized section and Phil - along with a Swindon RC rider rode off the front!! A couple of attacks went, one well marked by Marcus and the others by me and Andy W (although Andy and I couldn't keep up the pace so dropped back to the bunch and did our best to get in everyone's way).

Phil and Marcus worked hard and Phil took all three of the primes, before they were caught on the last lap by two guys from the 2nd group (after one of them had wasted ½ a lap arguing with Andy W for not working on the front!!). They went on to contest the uphill finish with Marcus taking third spot and Phil finishing in fourth.

The CCRL runs for 8 rounds so if you're interested in racing, get in touch.

9th June 2008

The stats from the Bristol 12 are now available here for the usual analysis/banter/abuse/etc...

Pics are also starting to appear - several at photo-it and others as they appear. All other pics will go up in the gallery.



8th June 2008

LVIS took the 2008 Bristol Bikefest by storm, winning the Singlespeed category (Andy B, Leon, Marcus and Nouveau) and finishing third in the Women's race (Beccy, Sally, Tess and Winona, with Directeur Skortive Kirstie keeping them on the straight and narrow). All LVIS teams and solo riders fared well with LVIS being the largest contingent at the race and undoubtedly the most successful overall, not to mention having the best atmosphere. More pics/stories to follow but for now, the results are here.

3rd June 2008

LVIS' biggest race of the year, the Bristol Bikefest, is coming up this Saturday with 6 teams of four and two soloists tackling the 12 hours of what looks likely to be a slippy, bumpy course. Hopefully we can combine the winning form of the SS superstars last year with the Skort team's win at the Cheddar Bikefest. Go Vegas!

LVIS Single Speed Superstars - Leon, Nouveau, Andy B, Marcus
LVISkort – Beccy, Sally, Tess, Winona
LVIS Gold – Sean, Andy W, Gareth J, Andy A
LVIS Purple – Fraser, Ian H, Mike, Julian
LVIS Black – Russ, Steve, Scott, Jimmy
LVIS Red – Stu, Giles, Neil, Chipps
solo: Alex, James

27th May 2008

Russ' write up on the Tour of Wessex Sportive

A strong contingent of LVIS riders amassed in a car park in Castle Cary on Saturday morning to take on the best 95 miles that Somerset could throw at them - although you wouldn't have known it. To say it was more like a fashion show would be an understatement. On the way there the weather had changed several times, and instead of last minute bike tinkering, all the chat was about what to wear? Marcus headed back to the car to change, only to re-appear wearing the same thing, and Neil was concerned that his arm warmers didn't match his outfit! 

There was only one answer - purple and gold!

LVIS left the start at the front of the field at 8:30am. The course was split into two parts, 55 miles of climbing, and 40 miles on the flat. Alfred's Tower provided the first lung burster of the day as Team LVIS split in two. Up front Marcus set the pace, Neil behind, and Giles a few minutes back. Roadie virgins Steve, Jimmy and Rus formed a chain back in the pack.

As the race got though Wells and up into the Mendips, all became familiar LVIS fare. Heading down through Blagdon gave everyone a chance to breathe before the last big climb of the day... but no one was prepared for Baggy's painting skills. The bottom of Burrington has never been so well adorned, as painted across the road was "GO VEGAS".

Once down through Cheddar, the field was set for a rapid 40 miles across the Somerset levels, using that tailwind that had been threatening us all day. How wrong can you be? 40 miles of flat roads, in open countryside with not a tree or hedge in sight to hide behind. A real test for all.

Formal results to follow, but Marcus home first in 5hrs09, and the "rear-gunners" in 6hrs26. Pics available in the gallery.

Go Vegas!

21st May 2008

A report from Nouveau on last night's Cotswold Cycle Race League which our sponsors,  PerformanceCycles also sponsor (pics are in the gallery):

A fairly summery May evening set the scene for the first VEGAS road race- round one of the long established Cotswold League. I was kindly given a lift by Marcus in a huge Ford people carrier that had been his team car from an epic LEJOG charity ride the week before. We picked up Andy L plus Leon and after a quick spell on the M4, arrived at the Ashton Keynes cricket pavilion car park in good time.  We were greeted by a sea of orange from the local club, but after signing on and a quick change in to regulation VEGAS PE kit, we had a strong showing of 8 riders in Imperial Purple and Olympic Gold!

We made a pretty impressive pack on the ride out to the race start, so impressive that the race organiser wouldn’t let us race as novices (honest, I’ve never done a road race!). Rather than the handicap format expected, the race was held as three separate races on the road at once, with novice, ‘scratch’ (fast) and medium groups setting off with a couple of minutes between each. How they were going to keep track of this remains a mystery that will perhaps never be solved!

 We split among the various groups, I hung back and stayed in the last-to-set off “medium” group with all the Andys, Leon and Marcus. Some earlier skirmishing was kept in hand by Andy W’s authoritative cries of “DON’T CHASE HIM- LET HIM DIE AT THE FRONT” which sounded impressively pro to me!

Unfortunately, after just a couple of miles, Marcus rolled to a halt. Andy K and I went back to see what the problem was. It was a puncture, and in a race that short there’s no time for fixes. Marcus trudged back to the start while Andy and I did ourselves in trying to get back to the bunch (Andy is a very handy rider, and I’m not yet used to road chase pace I’ve discovered!). We chased for two laps, but it became clear we weren’t going to make the catch, so after the third, we stopped to take some finish line snaps.

 The race roared in to the finish line a few minutes later with a strong showing of VEGAS riders in the top ten, but no-one quite sure what the real results were! I’ve head that the first race of a season often doesn’t go to plan, but I think we all learned from it. We certainly know that the VEGAS team has a ton of strong riders and can be sure of some good finishes throughout the rest of the season. Go VEGAS!!


14th May 2008 part 2

LVIS' resident scribe Andy L has penned the following report on the CLIC24:

With the dismal conditions of the previous year woven into MTB folklore, the two LVIS teams entered in this years event eyed the excellent weather preceding the weekend with a great deal of cynicism. Some team members were even found in bike shops on the morning of the event stocking up on brake pads and mud tyres, convinced the weather would break.

Happily, the weather remained excellent for the entire event; the two sole puddles on course were soon emptied by the passage of first lap riders. Both LVIS teams started strongly, relishing the dusty dry conditions, even if Russ managed to misjudge some ruts on his first lap and ended up investigating some picturesque Mendip hedges more closely than intended.

Talking of horrendous first laps, LVIS narrowly avoided its first entry on Crimewatch as Andy W shot off down a huge steep descent off course, thanks to some spectators deliberately obscuring direction signage. I am happy to report that no innocent (or otherwise) bystanders where harmed, but Andy W’s good karma from a week spent rescuing various bits of local wildlife had obviously not yet been cashed and the incredible exploding bike managed to further frustrate Andy’s efforts to recoup time lost. Happily the LVIS Turner 5-spot Appreciation Society was on hand to arrange a functional bike and the world famous Andy W smile returned to camp.

Other less catastrophic equipment errors also failed to dint the LVIS charge for glory, Baggy shrugged off his bikes refusal to select the granny ring, proceeding to rag it round the course in the big ring, fuelled only by a tatty copy of a gentleman’s magazine and a steady supply of Ginster's pasties. Steve used his new bike’s eye-catching euro graphics and chav wheels to good effect, weaving that barrel chest through the pack like a ned shouldering his way to the bar for a 15th pint of Stella.

As the night laps closed in with a brilliant vermillion sunset, temperatures became more comfortable, though the climbs on course seemed to stretch on even further than they had in the light. Lights were fixed and a few hours of rest were caught, morning broke through a hazy mist awfully soon.

An early morning visit from team manager Dylan aka ‘Shouty’ spurred spirits once again; feet were clipped into SPDs, willingly or not, and sent off for another lap with an earful of ‘encouragement’. Last lap honours were fought over fiercely, each man wishing to squeeze as many laps in as possible, in the end Mike aka ‘Grumpy Bugger’ took to the course for LVIS Gold at blistering speed, aboard his new race weapon, having enjoyed the event so much he grinned at least twice in 48 hours, I have proof for those that disbelieve!

 A blistering weekend of racing behind them, LVIS retired home eager for the home event of the Bristol 12.

14th May 2008

The CLIC 24 hour mtb race turned out to be an excellent weekend with both LVIS teams enjoying themselves immensely. The Gold team of Andy L, Andy W, Fraser and Mike finishing in 6th equal place with 26 laps (though they would probably have done significantly better if Andy W's bike had been able to keep air in the back tyre for more than five minutes) while the Green team of Jimmy, Russ, Scott and Steve finished in 14th equal place on 26 laps - a great performance for a team with four 24hour race virgins.

Pics are available in the gallery and also here.

Results are here.


9th May 2008

What a difference a year makes - last year, the LVIS teams at the CLIC 24 hour race were facing torrential rain and deep, deep mud. This year, if the forecast holds, they should be worrying about getting burnt. Fingers crossed for the weather and good luck to both teams.

26th April 2008

Gareth finished 49th in the Ashbourne Duathlon, results here.

In his own words:
The Ashbourne Duathlon is based at Carsington Water in Derbyshire consisting of run, bike, run.
Run 1 - 12K aound lake (but strangely hilly). Started slowly but recovered loads of places in the 2nd half.
Bike - 40K, rolling in 1st half and then seriously hilly. Felt good briefly, fast up the hills, then cramp in left thigh, moving to both calves, then right thigh and finally everywhere.
Run 2 - flat out-and-back. By this time I'm shambling like the living dead, cramp in both thighs, stumble across finish-line shortly before body shuts down

Sounds fun...

24th April 2008

On Sunday 20th April Giles and Dan took part in the inaugural North Cornwall Tor Sportive.  The organisers billed it as one of the hardest sportives on the UK calendar and they weren't joking!
 Riders could set off between 8.00am and 10.30am and the two LVIS representatives rolled away from the start line in Bodmin just before 9.00, and straight into a long steep climb.  The scene for the day was set.
The first section ran over Bodmin Moor and was plagued with blustery winds.  As the field was so fragmented by the rolling start times there was no bunch to shelter in, so it was heads down and on with the job in hand.  We hit the coast at Bude and turned South West to head down the coast, with the wind behind us.  The whole section of coast road down to Wadebridge was a mix of superb coastal views and brutally frequent and steep climbs (and descents - a couple of riders were seen walking one of them!).  Riders walking up the climbs was a frequent sight, though Giles and Dan upheld Vegas honour and rode all the climbs of the day bar one - a ridiculous 30% greasy climb where rear wheel spin defeated the best intentions.  A marshal stationed at the bottom of the climb said he had only seen two riders get up it on the bike all day.
Previous feed stations had either been ignored or stopped at briefly for refuelling, but at the last stop at around 80 miles we stopped to eat vast quantities of cake and stretch out on the grass for 10 minutes to ease aching limbs.  The assumption was that the final 20 miles would be easier than the preceding 80, but the organisers had other ideas.  Yet more climbing followed then at last - fast A road with a tailwind - 30mph bliss.  As a road sign advising of 6 miles to Bodmin flashed past it was in the bag... but no, an ominous pink turn left sign, followed by the inevitable narrow, steep, pot-holed, gravel-strewn descent into a valley, with corresponding climb out.  Then the same again!  By now the Vegas guys were on the verge of hysteria with babbled talk of extreme violence against the organisers.  Finally our tyres hit Bodmin tarmac and - quell surprise! a climb back up to the finish.  One final big ring sprint up the last drag to drain the last minute reserves of energy and the beep of the timing mat at the finish never sounded so good.
Two minutes later with large steaming pasties in hand (included in the entry fee - a nice touch) and the day's suffering was forgotten and talk turned to returning for next year's event better prepared and ready for a better time.  Overall time was 7hrs 40min including stops, about 7 hrs 10mins riding time, for 100 miles and 11,000ft of climbing.
An excellent event, well organised, well sign-posted, flag-waving grannies at strategic points, and a post-ride pasty.  We'll be back next year, hopefully with a larger purple and gold contingent!

14th April 2008

LVIS had a hugely successful Hell of the North Cotswolds with 19 riders taking part. Conditions and a tough course meant that it was hard work for everyone but the LVIS riders rode with style and enjoyed the whole day. Congratulations to everyone who made it round regardless of the course they chose (or had chosen for them). Special mentions to:
- Marcus for finishing 3rd on the full 100k route in 5hrs 30ish, 1 min behind the guys in 1st and 2nd places
- Neil for making it round (or even just to the course) after a 3am night of excess...
- Andy L, Giles and Jimmy for riding it on unfamiliar bikes
- Hwe for surviving 75k having planned only to do 50 and consequently not loaded up with food.
                                                  - Nouveau and Tess for the most relaxed attitute to race start times
                                                  - The weather for generally being quite nice. Except for the 5mins of hail that seemed to miss almost everyone else.
                                                  - Steve for not racing due to injury but still lending his car so that we could actually get there

Pics are available in the gallery and will be updated as they come in.

1st April 2008

Some pretty momentous news - It seems that LVIS founder Barry Jaeger is alive and well, having faked his own death last March. It appears that he's been working undercover since the date of his untimely 'death' in order to bring a big new sponsorship deal together. The details are just being finalised but expect to hear more information on this blue chip sponsor in the next couple of days but in the mean time, rest assured that LVIS social events in 2008 will go off with even more of a bang! GO VEGAS!



31st March 2008

The pics from the weekend at Afan are available here. More will be added as they become available.




30th March 2008

Despite the inevitable rain, the LVIS mtbing weekend at Afan Argoed, Brechfa and Glyncorrwg was a roaring success with 17 people braving the elements. Pics to follow but in the mean time, some videos are available at youtube:



18th February 2008

Marcus, Dan and Neil joined the realms of old mans cycling in taking part in the Cotswold Corker 100km Audax. Good value at £5.50 per entry, Dan was the only fully paid up entrant as Neil took Giles (Sick Note)'s entry and Marcus took a late entry, so late in fact he forgot to pay. The course started with nice 25% climb onto Cleeve Hill, preceded by some ice skating, then some downhill, a tea stop, a pretty Cotswold village and then another hill, some more ice, tea and cakes etc etc and stayed like that for the following 100+ kilometres, only punctuated by occasional stops by Dan and Marcus who had an uncanny knack of racing to the lead only to realise that there were no way markers so they had to wait for those organised enough to have the route pinned to their handle mounted clipboards. Only someone with kids (Dan) could find AUK's acronym funny enough to refer to Lord of Rings the whole way round. Distracting enough to come in just after an octogenarian wearing a horse riding helmet. Here's to the new LVIS sport of Audax (for the over 40's mostly).. count me in..

6th February 2008

There's a new Events page on the site which has details on the Road Races, Time Trials and other events that we'll be putting on in conjunction with PerformanceCycles.co.uk

5th February 2008

LVIS will have two teams racing at the inaugural Shimano 24 Hour Road Race.

Galibier - Neil, Stuart, Steve, Andy L, Marcus
Ventoux - Dan, Phil, Andy B, Nouveau, John


20th January 2008

John raced the third round of the Thetford Winter Series finishing fourth again but is now within striking distance of the leaders and is also up to second place in the series ranking. 


3rd January 2008

Warren has started the year with a flourish, racing at the Edinburgh New Year's Day Triathlon and finishing 35th/300 despite it being his first triathlon and losing 15 places at the transition between the swim and the cycle - something to do with drying between his toes apparently.





1st January 2008

Happy New Year to everyone. 2008 is shaping up to be another year of excellent LVIS performance with the various squads expanding to ensure that LVIS's fame is spread far and wide.


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